Delta 9 THC + CBDA + CBGA Live Rosin Wellness Gummies - 650mg

Delta 9 THC + CBDA + CBGA Live Rosin Wellness Gummies - 650mg

Happy Fruit

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Happy Fruit Watermelon Wellness Gummies, a full-force, balanced, and daytime gummy. This holistic triple-threat treat offers 15mg Delta 9 THC, 25mg CBDa, and 25mg CBGa per piece.

Formulated with full-spectrum, terpene-rich live rosin, this gummy is a punchy and balanced THC experience. You may find yourself looking for adventure outside, or socializing with friends. Perhaps this wellness gummy becomes your new daily practice, bringing peace and zen to your routine.

When you're burnt out and feel like you've been in the cage taking punches at work, try this for a breath of fresh air.

Product Highlights:

  • Full Spectrum Live Rosin
  • Fast-Acting Formula
  • Ultimate Wellness Blend
  • 10 Gummies Per Pouch
  • 150mg THC, 250mg CBDa, 250mg CBGa Per Pouch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our THC products are legal in all 50 states in accordance to the federal government. It is important to note that these laws can change quickly and it is up to the customer to check to see if THC products are legal in your specific state.
Hemp-Derived THC has been known to benefit many a healthy lifestyle by relieving stress, aiding in sleep, and improving memory, just to name a few upsides.
Our Hemp-Derived THC products are not addictive. However, many people incorporate it into their daily routine after experiencing all the positives of this holistic plant.
The federal legal smoking age for hemp flower is 21.
Our hemp-derived THC is grown with organic practices in the United States. Though Organic products typically feature a government stamp of legitimacy. Ours is forthcoming, as it takes time to make things official on paper.
Yes! All of of our orders are shipped in unmarked boxes.
Our hemp-derived THC products will be detected on a drug test, so we recommend you speak to your HR department about their policy on THC products.
Currently, we do not offer returns or exchanges on orders. Due to our strict quality and safety protocols, we cannot resell any products that have left our warehouse. However, if you experience any issues with your product, please reach out to customer support at
It's best to store all of our products at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.